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Dick Billows, PMP
Dick Billows, PMP
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How to Pass the PMP Exam the First Time has changed as the Project Management Professional (PMP®) exam has evolved and become more difficult. (To take  the PMP Exam you must document at least 4,500 hours of experience managing projects.) Don’t have that much? Certifications with NO PM experience required: Project Certification,  IT Certification,  Construction Certification,  Healthcare Certification,  Consulting Certification 

The days of passing the PMP exam by memorizing formulas and a handful of definitions are long gone. The study techniques based on flashcards or memorizing questions and answers don’t work either. So if a friend or your boss offers you their study materials and notes from a few years ago, thank them and toss them into the trash.

How to Pass the PMP Exam the First Time: Key Knowledge

  • Understand the sequence of processes well enough to interpret a situation and know what’s the best thing to do next.  That situation may include skipping some of the processes.
  • Understand the limitations on a project manager’s actions that are imposed by the scale, scope and technology of the project and the type of organization in which the PM is operating.
  • Know the basic formulas of project management and how to calculate results in situations where more than one formula has to be used to reach the solution.
  • Know how to manage the stakeholders (project sponsor, stakeholders, team members, vendors and everyone affected by the project) and know the right thing to do given the specific circumstances of a particular project.
  • Know how to manage your time during the exam.  Answer all the easier questions first (pluck the low-hanging fruit) and have time to invest in the more difficult problems.
  • Know how to control your emotions in an environment full of nervous test-takers so that you can control your pace and not let nervousness make you work too fast and make mistakes.

How to Pass the PMP Exam the First Time: Tuition $2,595

See how the individual coaching works on your schedule. See the proprietary reading, the online lectures and “Project Manager in Action Videos” of all 44 PMP processes.

PMP Exam: Pass the First Time

Why Pass the PMP Exam on the First Try?

Going through the PMP study process and exam more than once is unthinkable. In addition to the above listed knowledge and skills you need to get your head right in two ways. First, during the four hours of the exam you must forget about how you do projects in the organization(s) where you work(ed).  Second, during the four hours of the exam, you must become the perfect Project Management Institute project manager. Keep in mind that you’re working for a perfect project executive, with perfect team members and perfect stakeholders.

How to Pass the PMP Exam the First Time: Study Process

Study Materials that Fit Your Learning Style & Your Life

People have many learning styles and studying with materials and instruction that do not fit your learning style makes the study process more difficult. So you begin our online course with an assessment. You and your personal  instructor have a live video conference to discuss your assessment and how to customize the course for your learning style and schedule. Some people learn most efficiently from flow charts so we provide flow charts and diagrams. People who remember information from stories can learn from our stories of project managers doing all the steps to manage small, medium and large size projects. Other people prefer to watch movies so we have videos of project managers, executives and teams going through all the steps. You see real people create all the necessary plans, analyses and reports for a project done the PMI way. Seeing the project manager’s work output and the steps he/she took makes it a lot easier to recall those steps when you’re answering the PMP exam questions. We offer this variety of materials so you and your instructor can tailor them to suit you. Your learning will be most effective and efficient when your course fits your learning style.       pass the pmp exam first try

Do Not Memorize a Dictionary… Learn by Studying Real World Projects

Professional adults learn best when the material is presented in a way that is relevant to their experience and to the natural sequence of a project. That is a more effective way to learn and easier to recall than memorizing an encyclopedia of definitions.  We have found that the best way for you to tackle these challenges is by studying the information on inputs, outputs, tools and techniques in the context of real projects. That’s why we use lots of scenarios and stories about projects in our PMP exam prep materials. They help you recognize the difference between how you do it at work and how PMI says it should be done.

You follow three projects throughout our course. The first is a small project done within a department where the project sponsor is the boss of the project manager and the entire team. The second project is larger in scale and scope. It is done in a matrix organization with resources borrowed from a number of departments that are stakeholders in the project. The third project is a large consulting project done for a multinational company that operates in over 20 countries. Seeing how the processes, tools and techniques of project management are applied in these different situations helps you understand the material well enough to apply it to PMP exam situational questions in a wide variety of contexts. We give you 25 – 35 practice exams for each module so you practice until you score high enough to  correctly answer the questions on the actual exam.

You’re a Professional, Not a College Freshman…Learn Like Professionals Learn

Our online PMP Exam Prep course gives you a personal instructor who is a PMP. They coach you on each step and work with you u
ntil you pass the PMP exam, guaranteed. You have live video conferences, phone calls and e-mails with your instructor whenever you need answers or explanations. You won’t post your questions in a chat room or on a bulletin board with dozens of other people vying for answers. You can email your instructor at their personal email, have a private phone conversation or a live video conference when you wish. There are no limits.

How to Pass the PMP Exam the First Time: Summary

You Pass the PMP Exam on Your First Try by thoroughly understanding the PMI processes, their sequence, what each of the tools and techniques produces so you can apply them to different project situations.  In our individual, online PMP Exam Prep course, your PMP-certified instructor will work with you until you pass the exam; guaranteed.  Take a look at our PMP Exam Prep course details.

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Author: Dick Billows, PMP

Dick has more than 25 years of project and program management experience throughout the US and overseas. Dick was a partner in the 4th largest professional firm and a VP in a Fortune 200 company. He trained and developed 100’s of project managers using his methodology.
Dick is the author of 14 books, over 300 articles and director/producer of 90 short project management training videos. He and a team of 25 project managers work with client companies & students across the US and in Europe, South America, Asia and the Middle East. They have assisted over 300 organizations in improving their project performance. Books by Dick Billows, PMP are on