Individual Online Training Tailored to the Stages of Your Career

Our Consulting Project Management Career courses and certifications are designed for every stage of your consulting project management career. You will start with the basics for smaller projects. Then you will add more advanced skills for larger, more complex projects. You will earn a project management certification after completing these 2 courses. It gives you an advantage for advancing your consulting career or job hunting.

After a few more years of experience, you’ll want to earn the internationally recognized Project Management Professional (PMP)® certification from PMI®. Our PMP® prep course prepares you to pass that exam.

Finally you’ll move up to the program manager level with our courses in managing multiple projects, negotiating, giving presentations and dealing with executives.

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Project Manager Courses for Your Career Stages

#141 – Client Project Basics is for beginning project managers or people with no formal training in managing projects for clients. You learn a complete project methodology by practicing every step and working online with your personal instructor. You will be able to:
project management courses•Define project requirements with the client project’s sponsor and executives
•Build concise plans that detail what needs to be done
•Use Microsoft Project® software step-by-step
•Motivate teams and handle conflicts
•Track status accurately in less than 10 minutes a week
•Solve problems and get the project back on budget and schedule
•Give professional status report presentations. More on this course…[hr]

#102 – CAPM® Exam Prep is for beginning project managers who want a certification for entering the project management profession or for job hunting. This course fulfills the education requirement and prepares you to pass PMI’s Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM)® exam. Working online with your personal PMP-certified instructor, you will learn project management best practices in the PMBOK® Guide, 5th edition. It includes these processes:
Certified Associate Project Manager
•Monitoring & Controlling
•4 Day Comprehensive Final Review. More on this course… [hr]

#143 – Client Project Management is for experienced consulting project managers wanting to add advanced techniques and enhance their professional presentation skills. Working online with your personal instructor, you will master advanced tools and techniques for larger projects and be able to:

Advanced Business Project Management•Sell projects to clients
Estimate work and cost

•Identify, evaluate and control risks
•Optimize schedules
•Manage multiple client stakeholders
•Analyze and explain variances
•Negotiate and craft solutions to problems
•Give persuasive presentations to client executives. More on this course…[hr]

#104 – PMP® Exam Prep is for experienced project managers who want to obtain the Project Management Professional (PMP)® Certification. This preeminent, globally recognized project manager certification is from the Project Management Institute (PMI)®. Our course fulfills the education requirement and prepares you to pass the exam. Working online with your PMP-certified instructor, you will master PM best practices based on the PMBOK® Guide, 5th edition. It includes these processes:
Project Management Professional Certification
•Monitoring & Controlling
•4 Day Comprehensive Final Review. More on this course…[hr]

#141/143 – Client Project Manager Certification is for professionals who want a certification inBusiness Project Manager Certification client project management. No prior project management experience is required. Working online with your personal instructor, you will learn and practice every step in a proven project methodology. In the first course, you will master basic techniques for planning with the client project’s sponsor, identifying the requirements, building a project schedule with PM software and tracking weekly progress. In the second course, you will master advanced tools and techniques for managing multiple client stakeholders, estimating cost and duration, managing risks, analyzing variances, solving problems and giving persuasive presentations. More on this certification. . .[hr]

#201 – Managing Multiple Projects is for experienced PMs who want to move up to the next level and control a portfolio of projects. You will work online with your PMP-certified instructor and learn techniques for allocating resources, setting priorities and making adjustments to the project portfolio for changing business circumstances. You will master the political and consensus-building techniques necessary to persuade executives of your point of view and build their consensus and support. More on this course…[hr]

#203 – Presentation and Negotiation Skills is for PMs who want to enhance their communication skills. You will work online with your PMP-certified instructor and learn to select the best communication techniques, styles and media to persuade and influence different types of individuals and groups. You will prepare your speaking notes and design your meeting agendas, media, speaking styles and the speeches you will use to build consensus and persuade people to your point of view. You will deliver your presentations live to your instructor in our private online meeting room. More on this course…[hr]

#201/#203 – Program Manager Certification is for experienced project professionals seeking a senior level position. You will work online with your PMP-certified instructor and master the best practice tools and techniques for controlling a portfolio of projects and multi-project programs.  You will also learn the interpersonal skills and psychological techniques required to assess the executives with whom you work. You will learn to tailor your individual and group communications and presentations to persuade and influence the management team. More on this certification…[hr]

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