Live Meetings & Presentations

Because communication and persuasion skills are critical for a project manager’s success, all our courses have 3 – 5 live meetings.  These live meetings and presentations are scheduled sessions where you and your instructor meet privately in our online conference room.jeffstatus

We use our experience in project meetings and presentations to make your practice sessions realistic. You see pictures and videos of the case study characters with whom you are meeting. Your instructor plays the roles of the sponsor, stakeholders and team members in the meeting.
You can show the audience your schedules, reports, PowerPoint slides and recommendations.

Your instructor will ask you questions, challenge some of your recommendations and inquire about changes to the project. Your jeffMSPinstructor will coach you during the presentation and call “time out” if you get off track. They’ll advise you on how to do it right, then you can back up and do it again.  You will get a video recording of your presentation and your instructor’s feedback for future reference.

Practicing your public speaking with immediate instructor feedback and a video of your presentation is a proven method. You will gain confidence in your ability to deliver clear communications. As well, you learn to think on your feet in the Q&A sessions that are part of all professional presentations. We’ve used this method for more than a decade and achieved outstanding results.  We have transformed hesitant public speakers into confident communicators.