Presentation and Negotiation Skills – #203

Master Skills to Make Persuasive Negotiations and Presentations to Executives


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    • Intervene in dysfunctional teams and improve performance
  • In your live meetings and presentations, your instructor plays the role of the department managers in a case study
    • He asks the kind of questions project managers must answer
    • He’ll “call timeout” if you get off track, coach you and you redo it
    • You get a video of your presentations with your instructor’s comments[/twocol_one] [twocol_one_last]

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    Presentation and Negotiation Skills Course Modules: What you will learn and how you will practice the new skills

    Learn Skills & Techniques in Reading & Lectures Practice in Live Meetings and Presentations
    1.  Learn the most effective body language, hand gestures, eye contact, expressions and movements for public speakers. You will study videos of effective and ineffective speakers and learn the right and wrong way to do it. In  your first presentation, you will apply what you have learned about body language, gestures and expressions in a 10 minute talk without any visual aids.  Your instructor will role play the audience and give you feedback and coaching during and after this presentation. You will receive a video of your work and the instructors comments.
    2. Using Visual Aids – Learn how to design and use visual aids in your presentations and meetings. You will learn the correct density of words and pictures to use in your slides. You will also learn to integrate the slides with your spoken presentation to engage the audience and persuade them of the value of your ideas. You will select a presentation topic and objective and illustrate your presentation with PowerPoint or Keynote slides. You will deliver the presentation privately to your instructor who will ask questions like you would get from the audience. Your instructor will also coach you during and after the presentation and send you a video of your work.
    3. Assessing your Audience – Learn techniques to identify the personality types in your audience by observing their speech and behavior. Master how to tailor your communications for each of the 16 personality types you’ll encounter in the business world. You will meet with your instructor in our online conference room to watch and discuss videos of the people exhibiting the traits of each of the personality types. You will learn techniques for identifying them quickly.
    4. Coping with groups Learn the impact that individuals of various personality types can  have on a group. Master how to diagnose group problems that emerge from the interaction of people with different types of personalities. In a live meeting with your instructor, watch a video of a dysfunctional team. Your instructor will then role-play the members of the group. You will intervene and address the problem using your personality typing techniques.
    5. Group dynamicsLearn to speed read people’s personality types and how to apply the Z Technique to group interactions. You will lead a consensus-building meeting with executives (role-played by your instructor) who have 4 different personality types. You’ll facilitate the discussion and bring the group to consensus.


    Presentation and Negotiation Skills Course Tuition $2,595

    Earns 60 PDUs

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